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In the Shadow of Karel Škréta. Prague Painters in 1635–1680

Štěpán Vácha – 
Radka Heisslerová
Ve stínu Karla Škréty. Pražští malíři v letech 1635–1680: Antonín Stevens – Jan Bedřich Hess – Matěj Zimprecht

[In the Shadow of Karel Škréta. Prague Painters in 1635–1680. Anton Stevens – Johann Friedrich Hess – Matthias Zimprecht]

Prague, Academia, 2017; 662 pages, 280 colour photos, hardcover, ISBN 978-80-200-2801-3

In Czech language with an extensive English summary.

Painting in 17th century in Bohemia is generally associated with Karel Škréta (ca. 1610 – 1674) who is considered to be a major protagonist of the new, i.e. Baroque style in the country. Nevertheless, to admit such importance it is necessary to get known also with Škréta’s hitherto underestimated contemporaries active in Prague and Bohemia such as Anton Stevens (ca. 1608 – ca. 1675), Johann Friedrich Hess (ca. 1622 – 1673) and Matthias Zimprecht (1624–1680), born in Munich and 1650s trained in Italy. The recently issued book presents their lives and works, social and professional status, their paintings are discussed in mutual relations and to Škréta’s oeuvre.

Detail of the Ceiling Painting by Anton Stevens in the Sommerhouse of Strahov Monastery, ca. 1661

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The Gate of Knowledge

Evermod Gejza Šidlovský (ed.), Brána vědění. Filosofický sál Strahovské knihovny [The Gate of Knowledge. Philosophical Hall of the Strahov Library], Prague 2010

Texts by: Evermod Gejza Šidlovský, O. Praem., Michaela Šeferisová Loudová, Libor Šturc, Adam Pokorný, Daniel Ebel, Karine Artouni, Alena Krahulíková.

Published by the Gema Art Publishing House in cooperation with the Royal Canonry of Premonstratensiens at Strahov, ISBN 978-80-904575-1-5