Baroque Ceiling Painting in Hungary II

János Jernyei Kiss (ed.), Barokk freskófestészet Magyarországon II. kötet – Baranya, Somogy, Tolna és Zala megye [Baroque Ceiling Painting in Hungary, Vol. II. – Baranya, Somogy, Tolna and Zala Counties], Budapest 2020, 560 pp., ISBN: 9786150092843

Following the first volume of the corpus of Baroque ceiling painting in Hungary, the present handbook, published in 2020, focuses on fifty-one murals located in the Southern Transdanubian counties of present-day Hungary. A part of the four-volume corpus edited by János Jernyei Kiss and published by the Hungarian Academy of Arts in collaboration with the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Monument Protection Documentation Centre, this lavishly illustrated large-format book presents new research by fifteen authors on several aspects of monumental mural decoration during the 18th century in Hungary.

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