From a Finding to Interpretation

Zuzana Macurová – Tomáš Valeš (edd.), From a Finding to Interpretation: Connoisseurship, Collecting and Iconography of Early Modern Art, Brno 2019

by Radka Nokkala Miltová

This publication consists of essays by art historians from the Czech Republic and other countries (four contributors are members of the BCPCE). The volume is thematically focused on connoisseurship, collecting and iconography of early modern art. Chapters of the book are characterized by new findings and by innovative applications of novel methodological approaches resulting into innovative interpretations. The intention of the book is to honour 70th anniversary of professor Lubomír Slavíček, who as one of the leading Czech art historians, specializes – although by no means exclusively – on early modern art.  

The book launches a newly established book series Maturandum, named after one of Alciati’s emblems expressing the advice that one should hurry in moderation – not too fast and not too slow. The idea it thus visualized as a flying arrow that is slowed down by an attached shell. This visualization serves as pictorial motto of the series. The main goals of the book series are to open an international platform for peer-reviewed monographs in English focused on early modern art in Central Europe. Maturandum is currently negotiating with Brepols publishing. 

Maturandum book series is directed by the Centre for Early Modern Studies, one of the research centres of Department of Art History in Brno (Masaryk university). The Centre aims to create an environment that supports art historians focusing on early modern art as well as scholars from other related research areas and provide them with opportunities to meet and interact at various events organized by the Centre. The website of the Centre for Early Modern Studies regularly informs about important and interesting events and activities related to Renaissance and Baroque art and culture. Reports on current, as well as upcoming exhibitions and conferences, new books, interviews with acclaimed scholars and various other news related to art history present the most interesting events related to research of art and culture in the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Relevant specialists working on early modern studies are warmly welcome to participate in conferences, which are held biannually at the Department of Art History in Brno.

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